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Experienced sales and client service director. Focusing on online-marketing and online-PR. Specialized to corporate social media marketing & search engine optimization (SEO). / Kogemustega SEO marketingispets, kes antud valdkonnas töötanud üle 10 aasta. Lisaks konsulteerib ja koolitab kliente teistes internetiturunduse valdkondades.

One Extra Mile

When you look at your marketing plan and especially the section that reads SEO or SEM, you might want to think how would you squeeze that one, little bit of efficiency out of your efforts. There are plenty of experts who would give you enough confidence to tick the box and brag about your marketing efforts in front of your peers. But when the stakes get higher and you need to push that one extra mile, you need a partner who not only gives you confidence but masters the fine craft of the Search Engine Optimisation. And there are not many of us.

That's why there isn't that much traffic on that one extra mile.

The Conductor

Your online campaign needs to be a masterpiece which is performed by a well rehearsed orchestra where all the instruments: Google Analytics, Adwords; Facebooks Ads, have their individual, carefully prepared roles. The experience in the field of Search Engine Marketing however lets you recognise when one of your instruments goes off the script, is out of tune or upstages the rest of the campaign. You need a conductor who makes sure that your campaign does not only look good on paper but also makes sure it performs at the level that you expect it to.


Your marketing plan is like your company’s constantly evolving nervous system which grows more sensitive with every campaign. Careful preparation and execution helps you establish a good foundation for the growth. Every little effort: every positive or negative impact gives you feedback and helps you understand how the market works, hints you about upcoming trends and reveals new emerging target groups and niches. Every campaign helps you plan a new one, stronger one, more effective one.

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