Importance of advertising campaigns

In order for your business name to grow and sell, it’s important to invest not only in organic performance, but also in advertising.  In today’s digital world, it is possible to advertise on almost any platform. We specialize mainly in Meta or Facebook and Instagram ads, and we also have the knowledge and experience in the field of Google Ads.

Meta or Facebook ads

Surely you’ve noticed an ad while scrolling on your Facebook that you thought about “How didn’t I know about this before?!” Our goal is to create the same feeling in your potential customers. To do this, we build an influential sales tunnel – first we target people who are interested in your service or product, then we target those who were interested in this ad, and then we target those who have been surfing the web for a long time but for some reason did not make a purchase or sending a query.

This is how we come up with a strategy, write compelling texts, work with your designers to create the perfect visuals, and keep an eye on analytics and results.  By agreement, we also send monthly reports – so you can always get confirmation of how the ads have gone and how we can move forward even better and more skillfully together.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is primarily a well-known platform among business people, but that doesn’t mean you should only market B2B products and services. It is worth remembering that at the end of the day, they are also ordinary people who consume ordinary products, so the charm of this channel should not be underestimated.

At LinkedIn, we test a variety of possible targeting options to find just the right one. We experiment with different bidding strategies to achieve the best cost per click. This is why LinkedIn is one of the most expensive click-through social media channels for advertising at all. Fortunately, we know how to keep it low without sacrificing results.

Google Ads 

If your business is still in its initial phase and the road to the top three in search results is too competitive and time-consuming, consider using Google Ads.

What is Google Ads? These are the same Google search results where there is a small labeling “ad” next to them.  Search ads are one of the most convertible ads because people are already looking for what you have to offer.

However, this does not mean that there is no competition in the world of advertising. Here, too, you have to be smart to be the first to come up in the search results. To do this, we come up with the perfect ad text, optimize for the keywords, and find ways for Google to notice and prioritize your business ad over your competitors.

If you want to reach potential customers who have already visited the website or for some reason have not purchased the products left in the shopping cart, we have the opportunity to bring them back to you. To do this, we create retargeting ads.  We will come up with a suitable message and motivate them to visit your page again and complete the previously filled shopping cart or send an inquiry.

Display ads are also part of Google Ads, and with client-side visuals, we can reach customers on other websites that have allowed ads to appear on their pages. With the help of display campaigns, we can reach potential customers through relevant websites. For example, if we have a children’s clothing store, we’re targeting pages that mothers often use. In addition, we monitor results on a weekly basis and optimize the ads based on them.

We also have experience with ads on iOS and the Google Play Store. If you have a cool app, we can grow your app’s installs, as well as your overall reputation, with ads that appear on a variety of channels – other apps, relevant websites, YouTube, and more.

If needed, we also send monthly reports with explanations so you can stay up to date on how we can help your business grow even more.


Other platforms 


PropellerAds is an advertising platform that allows you to reach a large audience with your ads very quickly. We’ve seen this increase website traffic enormously. We know how to run these ads as cheaply as possible for you.


Where and what kind of advertising to do?

It all depends on your product / service and its target group. Certainly, each channel also needs a little testing – so we can make the right decisions according to analytics. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your target audience where you didn’t think at first?

Why choose a specialist?

It is always possible to immerse yourself in the world of advertising and try and experiment and do it yourself, but the truth is that it takes a lot of time to learn and commit to it. It can be much easier to entrust it to a specialist who already knows what to do, how to get to the right customer, how to dive deep into analytics, how to analyze the right metrics, what to consider as a conversion, and so on

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