4 Truths About Following The Foot Steps Of Your Competitor In SEO


When you want to rank high for a particular term and also a very competitive term then you probably need to find a easy way to achieve it which others in your niche fail to do. Yes its following the foot steps of your competitor who is already ranking high for the term you are focusing on.

Also it makes your job a lot easier because you don’t need to plan a strategy of your own, all you can do is just do a little spy over your competitors and find where their links are coming from and trace their background a little and you are through.

There are things which you need to know how following the foot steps of your competitor might help you and here are some of the key points you need to know.

1. How Search Engines Determine Relevancy:

For example just take a site with name “John” and another site with the name “Alex” and both these sites are linked to each other through a site named “Jessica”. now search engines assume that all the three sites are related to each other. Although site “John” and site “Alex” are not related to each other directly search engines assume that way.

2. Develops Trust Worthiness:

So if search engines start to find more similar sites linking to site “John” and site “Alex” then it starts to develop trustworthiness on these sites and get their ranks up in search engines.

3. Ranking High Along With Your competitor:

When you have just found the way to trace the links leading to your competitors site and you start to do the same then you are going to rank exactly like your competitor in search engines.

4. You Can Out Rank Your Competitor:

It not only gives you a chance to rank with your competitor but also gives you a chance to out rank your competitors and knock of your competition hands down.

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