Google Penguin is depositing more dollars in Google Bank Account


Around three months back when Google released its Google Penguin update, I was thinking who is going to benefitted from this change? Will it be End User, Publisher, SEO’s or Google? I didn’t have the answer at that time but now after three months of ‘Google Penguin’ I know who got maximum benefit from it.

It is none other than GOOGLE. Google has announced its revenue details for the 2nd quarter of financial year 2012.

42% increment
in revenue from Paid Clicks

Google revenue details clearly point out that there is approximately 42% increment in revenue from Paid Clicks program as compare to second quarter revenue of 2011.

2nd quarter revenue includes revenue from April 2012 to June 2012 and Google Launched the Google Penguin in April 2012.

You can easily relate how Google penguin change has put millions of dollar in its Bank Account.

Google said that Google Penguin change will provide more relevant result to end user as it is against the over optimization and un-natural back link.

Google was partially correct; this change was against Over- optimization and un-natural backlinks but it didn’t add any value for end user. Most of the webmaster forums and SEO forums are full of complaints where they mentioned that how irrelevant results are coming on top in SERP.

How Google Penguin
helped Google to earn more

Because of Google Penguin most of the online business owner have lost their ranking in SERP, that directly affected their business revenue so they have opted Google Paid Click program to be on top in search result to get more clicks.

It has been observed that ‘Google Penguin’ lowered the ranked of many top quality content sites (because of their unnatural backlinks) and due to this many irrelevant sites got chance to be up on SERP. People don’t getting relevant quality result from organic listing so they are force to click on ‘Paid Ads’ on search result page.

Few webmaster said that they have used ‘Paid Clicks’ from Google to compensate their client loss because of ‘Google penguin’.

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