Top 10 Effective Google Search Console Tips


Google webmaster tools aka Google Search Console is one of the best tools out there offered by Google for free for webmasters across the globe and if you are not using it, I would say you are really missing out something that would help you a lot in your site’s development. Check how to use Google webmaster tools effectively for success with the best Google search console tips.


Top 10
Google Search Console Tips

Here are some Google search console tips that will help you to guide on how to use Google webmaster tools effectively.

1. Submit You Sitemaps

Once you have created an account in Google webmaster tools and verified your url, just make sure you are submitting your sitemap first, reason is Google bots refer to the sitemaps often to check for any left out pages which it haven’t found while crawling your pages, its really helpful when you have a complex navigation structure in your site, where search bots have a high chance to miss out some of the hidden pages.

2. Set your URL Preference

You need to set your url preference, it potentially avoids canonical url problems, also duplicate content issues, because search engines often assume www and non-www urls of the same time to be two different sites.

3. Check Your Crawling Stats

Check how much time search bots spend on your site, how many kilobytes it downloads on an average, lower the better. That has got mostly to do with your site’s structure and template. Also make sure to check how many pages it crawls on your site per day.

4. Check Google Bots Can Access Your Pages

You can check it under crawler access option, it gives you datas whether bots can access all the pages you want it to access or not.

5. Check How Google Bots View Your Pages

You can check how Google bots view your pages under fetch as Google bot option and check whether bots can able to read the contents of your page properly.

6. Link To Your Pages

This is often not a very updated list but still it gives you some idea on where your links are coming from for each page. Its quite useful place to get to know your inbound links.

7. Notice The Terms Which Users Use in Search Engines That Brings Your Pages

Why you need to notice these terms? its advisable because some of the terms might give you an idea on what articles and contents you can post on your site that will attract visitors towards you very easily.

8. Notice The Keywords

Google webmaster tools now offer keywords list which it came across while crawling your pages, it can give you an idea whether you are using your main keywords properly in your site.

9. Notice The User Clicked Pages

User clicked pages are something which you need to focus often, some of those pages might need a little update, when you update those pages chances are that people will find those pages more interesting and you will get the visitors coming back to you.

10. Your Site Speed

Site speed is something that search engines will take in to consideration for future, there is an option in Google webmaster tools that will enable you to check your site speed. Make sure to use that feature to know how fast is your site from search engines view.

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