How to Make Money Blogging


I do not see the whole concept of blogging was discovered by accident, though some people might feel so. I believe the whole concept of blogging emerged because people had the need to share the knowledge and information they had to the world through some means. In fact that should be the primary aim of starting a blog, to share your knowledge, to share your expertise or opinion about something to your readers or to people who might accidentally come across your blog through their venture for knowledge.

Unfortunately or fortunately we live in an world today where the very life of the society we interact with has became dependent on money. I do not say money is a bad thing to venture for while blogging, because you need money to start a blog, may be not directly for few as there are free blogging services available today, where you can start a blog instantly in no time, but you still invest your valuable time in it and its not a bad thing to expect some money out of it which might make your life better.

I am not going to sell anything to you through this tutorial. My only purpose in writing down this article is just to show you the way through which you can monetize your blog, where you can spent your valuable time and energy in to making it awesome. I hope you get the point now, my main aim in creating this article is not making money but just to help people who need money. I believe that should be the primary aim of any of the blogs you create. Just know the your visitors are real people who are spending a part of their lifetime visiting your web space. Lets do something which will not only help you monetarily but also make your reader’s life better.

I know you had enough of the philospical lecture of mine. Without any further delay lets get in to the whole idea of “how can you make money through your blogs”?

You should know that just because you hold a blog with you right now doesn’t mean you can make thousands of dollars a month. That’s not going to happen. You need a blog that is popular that has a fair amount of people visiting you on a daily basis. So the pre-requirements will be to have a blog that has at least few hundred visitors a day.


Adsense can be an excellent way to make money from your blog, perhaps on the popular and well known way to make money online is through adsense. Backed up by one of the giants in the internet Google. It is believe adsense pays better cut of the money to its publishers over other ad networks online. I believe it to be true. You also need to make sure what topic your blog talks about. There are niches where adsense pays really well like $3 to even $12 a click and also niches where you hardly make couple of cents a click.

People who have chosen their niche rightly and managed to make their blog well known and popular do make thousands of dollars a month through this program and its not a myth, there are also people who go with easy niches like entertainment, celebs gossips etc where they hardly manage to make $100 a month even with good amount of traffic. If you want to know what niches are paid well and what are not go through google adwords keyword tool which should give you an idea on how much money advertisers are willing to spend on keywords related to your niche.

Alternatives to
Google's Adsense

I can list hundreds of alternatives to Adsense at present, but I must say those are just alternatives, real deal definitely lies with adsense in my humble opinion. Reason? advertisers feel Adwords which can be said as the front end of the adsense program converts them better, meaning majority feel it gives them with better return of investment (ROI).

But its not easy to get approved from Adsense, I remember myself failing for over half a dozen times before I got approved by them. Read their guidelines properly before applying in to the program and get your site ready you should be able to make it fairly easily if you do. If you are still looking for some alternatives follow this link

Ad Space Sales

Many blogs which has good level of traffic and do not have enough conversion with adsense, opt for moving with direct sales method. You can give out a space on your sidebar, before or after the post to sell to advertisers directly on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or on an annual basis. You can do this directly by yourself or make use of sites like or who can do a very good job of selling the adspace for you for a very less commission.

There is also another way to sell the ad space that is through advertising them on webmaster forums like digitalpointwarrior forums, v7n etc.. where you can directly deal with the webmasters themselves. Many find it very straight forward and easy to sell ad space through forums. I will leave the choice to you for which one to choose.

Offering Services

I find many bloggers who are really good at something, very much ready to offer their services to others for a price. For example if you are good at designing themes for wordpress and you want to lend your expertise to someone for a cost, you can openly do so by advertising it on your site. So that interested people can contact you and do business with you directly. I find this method being implemented quite often in this way.

You can choose a very competitive term like “blog money” or “blog for money” whatever the keyword which people look for in search engines very often and try to create a page on it, just like the one you are seeing now, a detailed tutorial article or makeup something that will culture for people’s desire on the particular topic and your service. I have no interest in offering any service through this article but if I want to do so I can put a note at the very bottom like “If you feel lazy to monetize your blog I can do it for just $50 a blog”.

Provided thousands of visitors view my page for a particular month there is a very good probability that I might get hold of at least three to four people a month who might want to hire me. so that should easily make me like $200 a month very easily. But its not easy to rank for really converting terms but with some sensible you should be able to reach it on the long run and its totally worth it when you do.

Affiliate Programs

I can say that people started earning through affiliate programs before cost per click programs like adwords and its back end adsense came in to being. Affiliate programs works like this. You strategically place an affiliate link in to your blog for example a blog post or blog page where people will click through those links to buy a product. If they do happen to buy the product you will get a cut or earn a commission through the sales you make through your affiliate links, if you do not make any sales you do not earn anything. Again there are hundreds of affiliate programs perhaps thousands of it. You need to choose it depending on the topic of your blog.

Some of the popular affiliate programs are listed below. Know that just because these are popular doesn’t mean you need to go with them. If you are holding a gadget blog its a good idea to find a reliable e commerce site and sign up as an affiliate with them, rather than going with clickbank program which will not do you any good.

  1. Clickbank
  2. Amazon
  3. Ebay
  4. Google Affiliates

Text Ads

Inline text ads or in content ads are something that grabbed the attention of many bloggers at present. You can sign up with any of the advertising company which offers this service and insert a simple javascript code in to your blog page. This code will automatically place links on selected keywords which will be redirected to advertiser’s page. As a publisher you will earn some considerable money through each click through. This has gained so much popularity that even Google has considered this option to be included in to their adsense program in future. Some of the popular and well known ad networks which offer this kind of advertising is listed below.

  1. infolinks
  2. kontera
  3. linkworth
  4. clicksor

Sponsored Reviews

Its natural that you start to gather attention from advertisers who want to sell their products or promote their business related to your blog’s niche. There are occasions where these people might contact you directly to review their website for a price and on some many occasions they will find you through sites where you can register yourself as a blogger offering paid reviews on your blog. So the interested company will deal with you through these sites and get the reviews about their site and services written well. Some of the popular sites on this category is listed below for your reference.

  1. Sponsored Reviews
  2. Buyblogreviews
  3. Blogvertise
  4. Reviewme

Your Own Products

If you have gathered enough number of readers and followers to your blog and became popular enough, you do not really need to sell someone else products or services, you can make up your own products and  sell them through your blog. Like an ebook, or a blog theme or even physical goods why not? I have came across many popular blogs where author of the blog used to sell ebook containing a course material or theme his blog uses or PSD files if he has a design blog. You sell your product and you take all the money you sell for as simple as that.

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