List Of Search Engine Types – Different Types Of Search Engines


Although we are very much used to Google or Yahoo most of the times, it really doesn’t mean they are the only ones out there in the entire search engine world. Its really interesting to know that there are nearly seven types of search engines in total. Keep hooked on as we go through the entire list.

First-Tier Search Engines:

All the popular search engines we know of like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc fall in to this category as they take on the majority of search market share. These search engines as we know works by indexing or mapping the entire web in a way so that they can be easily accessed by its users. You should also know that majority of the users for these search engines are people living and US and Europe although its widely becoming popular on other parts of the world as well.

Second-Tier Search Engines:

Search engines which are less known or less common among the people fall in to the category, I can say search engine like fall in to this category. Although is a very good search engine to use and works almost the same way as the search engines which belong to the first category they just cannot compete with the big players in the industry. Why not try for few days? you may well like it who knows! You should know that you don’t want to be spending much for optimizing your sites for these type of search engines as they don’t really convert well for the simple reason “They don’t have enough user base like big players”

Regional Search Engines:

It should be really interesting for you to know the fact that Google is not really the most popular search engine across the globe, there are some exceptions. There are places where people prefer to use their regional search engines to find what they look for around their place. Here are few examples of regional search engines.

Topical Search Engines:

There are many search engines which really focuses on certain distinct topic like sports, music, fashion etc.. and these search engines does have a decent amount of user base who are really interested on the topic. Here are few search engines of that kind.


Web-Spider Based Search Engines:

These type of search engines use specially designed spiders and bots which crawls the web to find and index pages. These bots are totally automated and doesn’t have any human interruption. Google, Yahoo and Bing from Microsoft use the exact same method.

Hybrid Search Engines:

Hybrid search engines are something which include variety of search results on their webpage. Google is a very good example for this kind of search engine. Let do a simple search in Google for the term “seo your blog” and see what do we come up with.

As you can see that there are variety of results for the search term, you do have an organic results, also results on the video and then on the right end you have sponsored listing which belongs to adwords program from Google.

Hybrid search engines does a very good job of mixing various search results and provide it to their users.

Meta Search Engines:

If you are an user of multiple search engines then you might have probably noticed that different search engines produce different results for the same search term, this mainly due to the difference in their algorithms and difference in the metric systems they use in order to rank pages. So what are meta search engines?

Meta search engines take the search results of many popular search engine, put them together and generate a new set of results that is based on the results of all these search engines thus really improving the quality of search results, they are also very good in getting you the page which you are really looking for. is a very good example for meta-search engine.

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