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How To Crop And Resize Images In WordPress

I just noticed lots of people visit this blog for wordpress related keywords, so I really thought I would do some couple of wordpress tutorials today which most people would want to know at some point after using wordpress for a while.

One of the things which people might want to know is how to crop and resize images in WordPress.

How To Crop and Resize
Images in WordPress?

Many people like me feel lazy to get the pics up in photoshop or any image editing software to do the job, because it takes your time away in achieving something as simple as resizing and cropping images, I don’t like to waste my 5 or 10 mins on a simple task such as that. So here is how you can crop and re-size images right from your blog admin panel.

Step 1

Click on the little square media button at the top of your toolbar to insert image.

Step 2

Then you can select and upload the picture you want from your computer. Once the uploading is finished you will see a edit image button by the side of the image.

Step 3

Once you click on edit image, you will be taken to a place where you can scale and crop your image.

Step 4

To scale the Image click on scale image option.

Step 5

Then you can enter the pixels value to suit your content area and your needs, aspect ratio will be maintained automatically meaning, when you enter then height aspect, width aspect will be automatically changed to give you the best result. However if you increase the size of the image from its original, it will however give you a fuzzy result.

Step 6

To crop Image just click on the spot from where you want to crop the image and drag it, also you can adjust the cropping area accordingly using your mouse.

Once you have cropped the image click save and you can embed it where you want to in the post using insert option.

10 Tips to keep in mind while Selecting Web Hosting provider

Hosting is changing in recent years. Gone are the days when you pay $ 100 per month, had just a host for your website on the Internet. Today there are hundreds of options when it comes to web hosting. How to choose the right one for you? Some of them may depend on what type of site, designed. I would like to host a single Web page brochure, or need a lot of bandwidth all the photos and videos.

Some key features

Knowing the answers for these questions is the first task. However, there are some key features that are any good host and we should discuss now.

1. A reasonable price. - 

If you have the special needs, you should not reimburse more than $ ten – $ 15 for a reliable hosting with all features. You can often save money by paying cheap for a whole year in advance, but in a few case, there are many webs hosting solutions.

2. An interface cPanel -

CPanel hosts the best deals online, a group on the web-based; you can manage your domain through a web interface. Is a standard configuration and management of websites, including the possible establishment of e-mail, database management, file management, FTP, and installation script? CPanel with Fantastic is usually a very simple configuration of the platform, Word Press Blog, forums and more.

3. Reliability to 100%. – 

The guarantee must be in the apartment, availability of 99.9 to 100%. This means you can count on your site in almost all the time, and you have access to cPanel, and you have your e-mail. Be able to ensure reliability in general, require that the host has a capacity for backup server. If you are unsure, ask before.

4. Access to wealthy clients. -

You have 24 hours support, whether on the Web, telephone, or both.

5. Multiple Domain Hosting -.

If you wish for to run more than one website, you do not pay separately for each site. Now that you pay separately for the domain, but not its host multiple domains host costs. Some even offer unlimited domains.

6. The vast amounts of storage space and bandwidth based -

you need to plan the future growth of your site, both in terms of size and traffic and traces, and not a page that will punishes the growth, at least not for long.

7. Maximum number of POP3 e-mail accounts –

Unlimited email accounts is the best. This gives you the flexibility, unique e-mail for different functions on your site.

8. Access to records and statistics - 

you want to evaluate your site’s performance over time, once it starts.

9. The ability to manage FTP files or online help -

You can download many files quickly.

10. A kind of backup plan 

for their housing needs, so the backup files, database server configuration. I hope it all.

Be prepared to pay for quality

We must therefore wait at a summary of the above-mentioned features of the best hosting companies. And using a web-hosting is free, but the old adage “you get what you pay for” has never been adapted for the accommodation, especially if you want to host a business website. Be prepared to pay for quality, reliability and several functions.

How To Choose Quality Hosting Provider For WordPress

Joomla and Drupal are also the most well known CMS system. The basic function of a CMS system is to provide website design function. How to choose quality hosting provider for WordPress? The answer to this question is choosing the CMS provider that simplifies the process of integration in comparison to providing only average solutions. The most convincing activity of the WordPress is the capability to tweak and manage the entire website with the aid of a single centralized database. The code of the WordPress is a remarkable feature that adds extra functionality to it. Thus is it ahead of joomla CMS provider. There are some of the best WordPress Hosting solutions like Hostgator, Dreamhost and many other are available, but best thing is we need to select the best services that suit our requirements.

Whether the website a person wants to host is commerce or a personal website, WordPress provides a stable platform for both. In order to select the right host for WordPress website you need to consider the various factors. The common factors in your host should be user friendly pricing, efficient customer support and stable server. You can find various content writing websites that are built on WordPress platform. These websites are having excellent functionality and design.

How to choose
quality hosting provider for 

WordPress is the important aspect to be considered while choosing the best web hosting provider. The good web hosting provider must provide sound support on WordPress medium and auto installation of it. Since the manual installation of WordPress is cumbersome so it is vital that web hosting companies must provide auto installation of it. A person can look for the simple scripts, software developed in his house in order to get hints regarding the installation of WordPress.

WordPress technology needs specialized tech support. Its configuration and coding is complex as compared to Joomla and Drupal. Hence is it important that you should carefully look after how to choose quality hosting provider for WordPress? You should consider the companies policies carefully, such that the company you choose should promise you to provide experts who can look after its configuration and customization whenever you need them.

For running it you need a web server which can execute PHP scripts. Apache and Microsoft IIS are the web servers that support PHP. The database server like MySQL is also needed since it supports PHP. A person should choose the least expensive and shared hosting if he is planning to host the less demanding website of WordPress. A VPS or other dedicated server must be chosen if you want its website to have a large amount of traffic. A person should carefully look how to choose the quality hosting provider for WordPress as the transition from one web hosting provider to another is a complex process. You should choose the service provider which gives technical support, must better uptime and fewer headaches. These providers provide one or more hosting types, with each package differing in terms of bandwidth, storage and supported features. The web service provider should fulfill your needs of today and tomorrow also.

Know how to stop spam comments count without using wordpress plugin

We all love to have lots of comment on our article as it give a feel of satisfaction and pride that people liking our article but it become a source of irritation when you start getting “Spam Comments” more than “Genuine Comments”.

I know you are thinking that I must be a newbie in blogging who doesn’t know about ‘Akismet’, that help you to filter out your spam comments and you can easily delete them all in one go.

But wait….

I don’t believe on Akismet

It is correct that ‘Akismet’ filter out comments and put them in spam folder but if you have analyzed them closely you will notice that most of the time it put some “Genuine Comments” into spam folder.

So If you are getting 500 spam comments daily and you are using ‘Akismet’ then you have to go through your each spam comment once before deleting to check whether it’s a “Genuine comment” from your reader or not.

Recently one of my fellow bloggers informed me about it, “He said that whenever I comment on his blog, it went into spam folder”.

In my opinion ‘Akismet’ is just putting spam comment (with some genuine valid comments) into spam folder, it is not stopping spam comments to be enter in your blog.

not Captcha

I am not against using ‘captcha’ plugin to reduce spam comment but it has two draw backs.

  1. It’s a plugin with image processing so it increase the load time of your page.
  2. User find filling ‘captcha’ more irritating job (they prefer not to comment most of the time).

Tricks to stop Spam Comments

I have done some analysis on how spammer put comments on your blog. Most of the spam comment that ‘Akismet’ put into spam folder came from Auto Spam software or scripts.

You can see this easily that same comment from different keyword and different IP address in your spam folder.

A spammer usually access your wp-comments-post.php file directly to put comments and it has been observed that most spammer’s doesn’t have any referral value in HTTP_REFERER.

You can easily catch such spammer by putting below code into your ‘.htaccess’ file.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>

RewriteEngine On


RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} .wp-comments-post.php*

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !.** [OR]

RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^$

RewriteRule (.*) ^http://%{REMOTE_ADDR}/$ [R=301,L]



  1. Before making any change take the backup of your ‘.htaccess’ file.
  2. In above code ‘’ must be replaced with your own domain name.

Above code just check that whether any request to ‘wp-comments-post.php’ file is having value in ‘HTTP_REFERER’ or not. If it doesn’t have any value then it won’t allow to access file.

I have implemented the above code on my blog around 10 days back (from the date of publishing this article) and it has reduced the spam count around 95% (5% are manual spam).

It is not stopping any of reader to make comment manually. It is not stopping any other search engine bot to access my pages for crawling (No issue reported in webmaster tool). So the above method is 100% tested and safe to use.

I know that still there are ways that spammer can use to put spam comments, but it is really easy to find one valid comment among 10 spam comment instead of finding one valid comment among 100 spam comment.

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